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Publishing Consulting Services

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Martha Bullen offers a wide range of services for authors, self-publishers and indie publishers, including marketing, editing and book publicity. 

 She helps her clients hone their book’s message, evaluate their publishing options, choose a strong title and book cover, build an author platform, and develop targeted, cost-effective strategies for marketing and promoting their books.

She gives each client individual attention, and will work closely with you to make sure that her copywriting, editing and advice reflect your vision of your book. Just describe your project when you contact her, and she can give you a customized quote.

Copywriting and Editing Services

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As an experienced copywriter, author and publicist, Martha can distill your book’s message, features and benefits into clear, compelling copy. You can use this copy on your book covers, brochures, ads, websites and press releases.

She is also a professional editor who can evaluate and polish your manuscript, articles, websites and other materials, ensuring that they are clearly written, enjoyable to read, and free of typos and grammatical errors .

Martha has always been a strong supporter of independent publishing. She enjoys reading and writing about books on a wide variety of subjects, and likes learning something new from every project she works on.